Full Lens Cover Shockproof Plating Case For iPhone 12 Series

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1. Barrier-free wireless fast charging

2. All-in-one lens protection

3. The feel of pressing the buttons on the real machine

4. Four-corner anti-fall airbag, more thorough anti-fall

5. Nano coating, anti-fingerprint and anti-yellow

6. TPU soft edge, easy disassembly and assembly, no damage to the machine

Lens All-inclusive Phone Case

Imported soft material, lighter and thinner

1. Lens Package

2. Airbag Protection

3. Anti-fingerprint

4. TPU Material

Real Lens All-inclusive Protection

HD lossless, better lens protection

Close fit, comprehensive protection

No protection, damage to the lens

Professional Anti-fall Airbag Frame

Fit to protect the phone and prevent damage

Multi-layer Protection Structure Design

Super anti-fall, easy to deal with daily collisions

High Elastic Edge Airbag Anti-collision Strip

Fit to protect the edge of the screen to reduce wear

Corner Reinforcement More Fall Resistant

Fully fit protection, mobile phone more secure

Lightweight and Integrated Design

It feels comfortable and does not increase the burden

New Anti-fingerprint Protective Coating

Effectively prevent fingerprint stains from adhering

Imported High- definition Translucent Material

Really restore the beauty of the phone

Soft One-piece TPU Material

Fits tightly without hurting the phone

Aerospace-grade Electroplated Soft Edge

Durable, effectively prevent scratches

Exquisite Feel Like the Original Machine

Restore the real feel of the phone

Original Right Angle Arc edge Design

Fits to the hand, more comfortable to use

Original Machine 1:1 Mold Opening

Effectively protect the phone keys and extend the service life

Precise Mold Opening Without Affecting Use

Compatible with all kinds of mobile phone case fimls, no conflict

Multiple color

*Pacific Blue *Black *Golden *Transparent *Silver


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